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Escaping the Matrix – How We the People can change the world


A book by Richard Moore

Growing up in 1950’s America, I believed all the stories about the American Dream, American Benevolence, Prosperity via Capitalism, and Bringing Democracy to the Free World. That all sounds so quaint now, after Vietnam, 9/11, Guantanamo, torture, targeted killings, economic collapse, and all the rest.

In 1994 I retired from a career in the software industry and moved to Ireland in order to devote full time to studying political and geopolitical affairs. After ten years of research and writing, this book presents my answers to the questions, How does the world really work? How did it get that way? How might we change it? How might a more sensible world operate?


“Richard Moore’s Escaping the Matrix is one of the most exciting books of ideas I’ve read in many years. I couldn’t put it down until I’d finished. He goes to the root cause of the cancer that is destroying life on our planet today. He does so with a simplicity that is deceptive and an argumentation accessible to anyone of a right mind. His proposals for escaping the Matrix are equally simple and at the same time profound. This is a book that needs to be widely read and debated.”

—F William Engdahl, author, A Century of War, Pluto Press.

“A brilliant historical expose of democracy as a smokescreen for continuing elite rule, followed by the most sensible ways to create it nevertheless. Couldn’t be more timely or important.”

—Elisabet Sahtouris, author, EarthDance: Living Systems in Evolution

“Richard is both a gifted writer and wise seer. In Escaping the Matrix, he helps us really take the red pill and examine the awful tragedy of our current world situation. More importantly, he then shows us an exciting path we can actually take to create a world that works for everyone.”

—Jim Rough, author of Society’s Breakthrough

“Richard has succeeded in creating a single book that bridges humankind’s evolutionary history, contemporary crises, and a hopeful futures scenario—digging deep to fundamentals while addressing immediate concerns—providing an excellent scaffolding for participatory dialog on our collaboratively created future.”

—Larry Victor, futurist and social philosopher

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